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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 6, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i'm keolbermann. goodig and good luck. join us for the live edition of "countdo." every night at0 p.m. easter >> eight months ago i made a proposal to michael jkson, i said show me the real man and make nothing limited. he thought aboutt and said yes, come to neverland. >> you come ou here onour own? yeah. >> how often? >> all the time. >> what go on a ride? >> y. being a character, playing music. i love playing classical music on the carousel. >> what aboutthe ferris wheel. >> i love that. >> can we go on it? >> sure. >> we ben a journey togher
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across contints, through his past and rapidly into the diurbing reality of his life today. >> okay, all right. >>ichael jackson, martin bashir, the go-cart land o neverland. >> youot head-flipping coming. i'll flip your head. hey, he's chilling! he's cheating. >> this is michaelackson as you've never seen him befo quite simply, his wod.
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♪ how do you write a song? how doou write a song? >> how do write song? well, i sit down at the piano. >> you put p to hand. >> if i sat he and pyed some chords and i i'm going to write the best song i've ever written,othing happens. i member when i wrote the "billie jean," i writing down my car in ventura boulevard. all i remember saying beforehand, i want to write a song with a eat bass hook. and i just l igo really. and then several days late you know -- ♪ the whe -- >> wre did that come from? >> from above. >> the dance as well? >> y, same thing. >> how do you do it? can you show me how you do i >> boy. come on, just get up anshow me. >> i'm shy.
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>> come on, just show me. jut show me what you do. teach me. >> okay. oh, boy. u're putting me on the spot now. >> ce on. >> now peoplare discovering sothing about me. i'm really shy. i'm embased. >> oy. you're shy. just get up and show me. >> oh, okay. ♪ >> wt's going through your mind when you're dancing? >> not thinking. thinking is the biggest miste a dancer could make. you ha to feel. ♪
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u become the bass. u beco the fantasy, or you become the clarinet d the fle and the strings and the >> so you're almost thphical embodiment of the musi >> yeah, absolutel >> michael jackson's home, neverland, is a 000 acre rancthree urs north of los angeles. as with most of his lifeit has to be seen to be belied. inspired b the children' fairy tale "peter n" abo the little boyho never grew up, it's aultimillion dollar manmade slice of make believe. the inspiration for neveand, peter pan, why is peter pan a figure of such interest d inspiration to you >> becse pet pan to me
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represents something that'very specl in my heart. you know, he represents youth, childhood, never grong up, magic, flying. evything, i think, that children and wondermt and magic, what it's all about. and me, i just have never, ever grown out of loving tt or thinki that it's very special. >> do you identify with hi >> totally. >> you don't want to grow up >> no, i am per pan. >> no, you're not. you're mhael jackson. >> i'm peter pan in myeart. >> so how had this sging and dancing genius arrived in this surreal ple that is his life today? i started look for answers back at the beginning. ♪ show me what you can do
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♪ shake it, shake it, baby ♪ come on now ♪ sha it she it baby ♪ o, o, three, baby ♪ abc, baby ♪ doe-re-mi >> when you would be practicing, you were very heavily disciplined by your father what was that ? >> well, i -- i didn'tave it that hard, because he usede as the exame. it was like, do it like michael. and he practiced us with a belt inis hand. and if you missed a step, exct to be -- just let me go back. yojust said that you would practice the dance stepsand
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your father woulbe holding a belt ihihand. is that what you jt said? >> yes, yes. and he would tear you up if yo missed. and so we not only we re practicing, we were nervs rehearsing. because he sat in a chair and he had this belin his hand. and if you didn't do it e right way, he would ar you up. real get you. and i got it a lot of times. but i think my brother marli t it t most. because he had a hard time at first. and he tried so hard. and it was alway dit like michael. do it like micel. u know, but the others were veryervousand i was nervous, o, you know. because heas tough. >> how oen would he beat you? >> t much. >> wld he only use the belt?
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>> why are y doing this to me? no, more than lt. >> what el wld he use to hit you with? >> ironing cords, whever was ound. he would throw you up against the wall as hard as could. it's one thing to -- >> but you were only a child. >> i know. >> youere a baby. >> inow. it's one thing to -- >> and you were producin successful recor >> i know. he would le his temper. i st remember hearing my mother scrm, "joe, you're gog kill them, you're going to kill them. op it. you're going to kill them." and i waso fast, he couldn't catch mealf e time. but en he would catch me, oh, my god. it was bad. was really bad. ♪ >> i looked up at thscreen and
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couldn't hp wondering what effect this violence had on young michael. ♪ abc ♪ easy as one, two, three doe-re-mi ♪ ♪ abc ♪ one two three, ba, you and me girl ♪ >> we were terrified of hi terrified. i can't tellou. i n't think he realizes to is day how scared -- scared, i mean scared. so sred that i would gurgitate. >>ou would vomit? >> uh-huh. >>hen would you vomit? what would produce that sof reaction in u? >> h presence. just seeing hi and sometimes i wod faint and my boduards would have to hold me up. >> when he was beating y, did you hate him?
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> in the summer, michael jackson set up temporary homin thgambling capital of the world, las vegas. i went to see hihiatat t four seasons hotel, where h he d d taken out no f ferer tn seven itites wanted to know why he e ululd avavneverland to spend mononth on hisis o i in hotel room.
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this i is ururuite. whwhato o u like about las vegas? >> i l le e thentertainment. >> the entertaininntnt? >> yeaeah. it's a fun place to o vit.t. >> what's this? > o i -- when i'm bored, , ride in the hallways o of e e hotel on this.s. i cruise t thealallws late at ghght metimes. >> y youe e king? > n i i'merious. >> i soon leleard d th las vegas s full of uneasy memories s fo jackson. >> i had t tshsharbedrooms with one of my brothers on n thtotour and there was s so a aion going on in mymy rm m ery might. i i cod d ar it. and i ususedo o --y job was to pl sleep. and i was told by y e e ofy brothers, no matter whwhatdodon' get t up don't openen yr r ey.
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i go, i promise, i ionon't so i would heaear esesgirls come . and i would hear thehem y,y, i that little mimichl?l? my brother w wou s s yeah. and d th w wld go, he's so cute, like that. i ard everything. thth i i wld hear -- >> what did you u he?? >> with the e gis?s? >> you heard them m vivingex? >> yeah. >> in n e e sa bedroom as you? >> uh, letete e se um -- sometimes. sometimes not. >>o on some occasions, you'r're lying dodo, , prending to be asasle, , anyour brother is having sex w witsosomee in the me room? >> mm-hmm. ♪ >> now, we're e gog g shping to is spectacular place.. do yououikike opping? >> love itit >> what t doououove about shshpiping >> not so much t theuyuyin
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and i'i'm t t eap, but i love eing how people make thingngs. i love craftsmanship, , wh people can do wiwithhehe hands and their r imininion. ♪ >> h havyoyou ways been good wi y yr money? hahaveou ever always been ---- >> my money? >> yes. >> y y.. reremeer getting $200,000 checks in n e e ma when i was like 12, 13 years old.d. i used to get t the e mohly. mymyather would say, well,l, wt do you want totoo o wi it? i would say, well,l, ococose, we should putut iawaw. >> you w wer1212 yrs old? >> yeah, he would d gi m me rtrtn amount to buy thingsgs that i wanted to buy.. and what i wouldld b w w some bubble game and candndanand uff like that.t. >> okay. let's go. weweeaded straight for jacacks's favovoritete spping mall. he told me he wantntedo o end somemeererio money, and he wasn't joking.g. >>hese ceilings are madede- -
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>> yeses, 's's eraordinary, isisn'it? y y. incredible. >> it seems a bit tatack > tkyky e e yosilly? >>ououike to buy jewelry? >> no. for r m motr, elizabeth taylor, s. elababetloves jewelry. my mother loves s jelrlr anand >> did you h hr r elabeth taylor wawa-- the girl i like at thth moment, i will buy h herewewry. o oh,eah, who's that? >> if f erere one i like at the momont. >> is therere? >> at the e mementno, not right no i haven't found one e t.t. >> who knows. there's time. you're still a young boyoy. this is michael l jasoson' fafariritehop in las vegas, with the luckieiestananer in the world. >> this piece. this one, , th o onethis one. bought this table. ththishess set. isn't it b beaifif, this set?
11:18 pm
>>ouour ess set in your brary. >>o. this is bigger. thth i is gger. > w.. and it's solol l loo >> i bought t th o o, right. >>s s th yours? > tt't's sold sign. means it forore.e. >> how mucuch t tt one? >> did we get this onene - >> it's s lyly 8000. >> did we get this onene? >> no. >> can you put that t onheheist? > ocourse. >ust get your pin so yoyou n rk and not forget. >> i'm g getngng t list now. d dide get those? >> d don believe so. > iikikthose. y y dot we order those. >> right. > like those. you have enough spaceceoror a of this,s, mhaha? > yh,h, io. >> you've got spacace. >> yeah. >> in neverlrlan >> no. this w wl l beor another house. >> oh, another onene? > yh. > wbought these, right? >> right. >> and these a andhehe? >> you like your animals, , dot you? >>es. and these we bought. . >> yes. >> and these. yes. this table. thesese,hehe, right? >> yes. >> how about theheseigiglue
11:19 pm
ones. lolo how beautiful thesese a.. these, right?? these -- >es. >> let's have a look a aththes ones? >> they're beaeaififul t tt's only $275,000 eachch so that's s 0000,0 for those o. >> well, he's going g toivivus a good deal. >> he neneedtotoive you a good de. hehe leseso bargain shop. cebrities like bargains,s,oooo. let me show w yo w we' happy to give them to you. >> how mucuchahas . jackson spent, out of interestst just a rououndigigur >> we toto p t t bargain together. >>ased on the price of thingngs. a couple m milonon o-- >> i'm notot alilirty -- i'm not l libty to say. >> these t this s armine, right? > uhuh. >> it's like you surroroun yourself with h ufuff at's like an emperor's h hou, , ist it? it's like louis xiv. >> yes. it's my tastste. >> you could probablylytire on
11:20 pm
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i woulnever look at myself in the mirror, ever. i would turn off all of th lights, because i had pimples really badly, and it was just difficult to face thpublic. one time we were in an airrt, i remember -- i ink it was somewhere like virginia or somethin
11:24 pm
and some lady recognized my brothers and all of . she goesoh, od, it's the ckn 5. where's ttle michael? where's little michael? she's looking down. where'little michael? and another person goes, "there he is." d she goes, ew, what happened? just like that. and, god, i st could have died ght there. it'sxaly what that lady said to me. >> did your father andour brothers tease y about your appeancean adolescent? >> my father did. and someousins did. >> what did your fatr say? >>e would tease me about how i looked, and he woulday, well, you didn get it from my side of t family. st have been on kate -- ka he would always say, meaningy moer. you didn't get that from me. i saidthanks for making me feel better, you know. i would just go to the bedroom
11:25 pm
and cry, you kw. >> is it truthat your father used to y you had a fat nose? >> yeah. >> what did he say? whwh d dide actually say? >> god, yoururosose big. you didi't't g it from me. >> whahat eses tt do to someone who'o's ininthrough adolescence? you want to die. yoyowant to die. and on top of it, yoyou t t too on stage in n thspsplight in front of hundreds ofofhohousds of p peoe e anjust, god, it's hahard i would hahaveeeeen ppier weararg g a sk. >> so had these adadolcece experiences in the spopoigighted michael jackson toto rakakhis ce to create his own mask?k? > o these are beautiful. >> i had t to k k hi what do you u y y toeople who sasa well, when michael jajackn was a a y,y, hwas a black kid. and now asasn n adt, he looks like a white man?
11:26 pm
>>ell, you got to ask gogo that. thatat h n notng to do with me, okay. that's ignoranance. . >> what do you mean, it't's t t nothing to do wiwi y you >> i don't control pububer.. i dodon'cocorol the fact that i have vitiligo.o. i i n'n't ntrol -- how many -- w many white people whwh they're littlele ks s lo white. now they sit out i in e e suall day to look k blk.k. and the suntan lotion n sisine is m mulbillion dollar siness. nobobodyayays thing about that. they do, you know. they're tryiyingo o bether than atat ty are, but that's okay, i guess, right? >>re you trying to be ototr r than what you are?e? >> no. > swhwh they say things like yoyove had implants in youour cheeksks-- >> oh,h, g. . y youad a dimple made in your chchin >> oh, p plee,e,lease. >> y y h hadour lips enlarged. u u d your eyelids renstructed? >> t thas s stid.
11:27 pm
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authorities a south carolina identified a ma killed in a shootout with poli t this morning. 41ear-d patrick tacy burruss went on a shshoongngpree last w wee > auororits say they arstst more than 1,400 peoplple in connnneconon with riots on sunday that left156 peopople dedead that's t t latest. t't's back to "living withth michael jackson." ♪
11:31 pm
okay.. thank you. i s about to meet michaeae ckson's children, prinince mimichl i and paris. they're rarerelyeeeen public. are you all set? that's a reallllgrgreamask. >> it's s bubuttfly. >> it's a butterfly.y. let me see. come here.e. what's i it dede o >> i don't know! it's blackck. >> wow. oh, sorry. >> shall we run? > slllle run? su. he's wearing nice shoho.. he isn't running anynywhe.e. p par, you want to run? okay. >> jackson told me he e ner r alallod d s children out without mas to conceal their entities. thchchdren were the result o of jasoson'brief marriage to his s dermatology nursrse,ebebe rowe. paris s isowow 4 prce is almost 6.
11:32 pm
>> i don't think - - > iee you got the "star w ws" shoes. >> not part 2. >> not part 2.2. >addy got me -- >> what hahas b beetelling you about part 2? y y dot you like "star wars"s" partrt?? >> i it'bebeuse it's boring and sus. >> right. d what makes you thinknkouou'r qualalifd d toake such a strong judgment? >> what makekes u u ink you're right t ouout at? are you sure yououe e rit? i think he hasas aoioint >> he e haa a go point. >> did you cry when prprin w w born? >> yes. >> canan y j jt tell me what happened? can you rememberer h - - >> of coururse he came out with this s relyly b hehe.. anas soon as i saw his head,d, i thought ofof mgrgranather and my
11:33 pm
brother, ranan, , beuse his head s shaped just like theheir and i said oh, my y go anand en the rest, they let t pull -- pull him o outndnd cut the e umlilil cords with scissors that t rere sped like a storork. and they cleananedimim o and evything. and d ---- ias ready to take him home. theyey sd,d, ne, can't take him home. i i gowhwh thth said, he has serious s problems. i go, what? we have toto te e m to intensive cacare he's n notrerehing properly. i ididoh, no, please, god, don't let me have a a ckck cld. oh, pleaease so i waited ananouour,wo hours, three hours, four hohour i ias s scad. after five hours, this n nur comes in, anand e e go, okay, u can go home now. i was so happy. >> okay, mike. >> paris w wasororn on after. >> y yes
11:34 pm
> yr r ughter. >> yes. >ow was that? were you there for herer bthth >>f f cose. ofourse. it was just magic. she came out the wrorongayay. her face was f fac t therong wa a andhe was being kind of okok by the umbilical cordrd, i i s s ki of worried, and it ok her longer. d d i s so anxious to get her home t thai i --fter cutting the cord -- i hate t to y y is -- i snched her and just went homome all l t thelacenta all over hehe >>ouou'rkidding. >> y yea i i'mot kidding. gogot r r a towel and ran. ey said it was fine. evevything was okay with t tha anand gogot r home and washed r all off. >> she was just born.. >> i k kno >>hyhyid you want to do thatat because i felt that i it s s ayay. they told me i it s s ay. debbie said it was okay.y. and i got the e peisissi from the doctor. i inink was so frightened thatat
11:35 pm
eyeyould give me some bad d news. i was so scacare but there was no bad newews b b gotten. so i started reliving g ani i s afafra.. sasaidi just don't want to hear anything g ba i'll j jt t gogo, go, go. >> presumably, debebbihahad ayayn the hospital becausese s had just g genen bth. >> yeah, of course. >> was she okakaababoulosing the baby as itit we e inhe first few mites? >> shehe td d to. >> she told you toto te e e baby? yeah, she said, go right t ahead. i know that's what youou wt.t. i'i'm tatallfine with this. i id, are you fine with h isis? she saidid, s,s,f course. >> how long was s itefeforshe was unititeditith r baby, how long? oh, i don't know technicacall after getting out, i j jusdodot know exactly. i kind of forget. >acacks obviously liked being a father. and he had a s sprprisfor me. princecendnd pis had recently enen jned by a new baby brbrher. you rerecently h your third
11:36 pm
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>> u u cently had your third chd.d. > y. were you present for r hi birtrth? >> yes. >> what's s heikike? and whatat h hisame? >> prince mimiaeael , but we call himim bnknket >> yououalall m blanket? > y. . >> why do you call himim bnknket >> because it't'anan eression i uswith my family, and mymy employees. i say, you should blanket t mei mean, you shououldlalank her th something. meaninin i it'like -- a blanket is a blessing. 's's way of showing love a and caring. >> who is blanankes s ther? >> b blaetet'sother, i can't say becaususshshe ll be bombarded with, you know -- - h havan agreement thatat wcacan'-- a
11:40 pm
contractual agrereemt t --alk abt who she is and everyryining. that's how we workededhahat t. >>nd was she someone that yoyou had a relationshshipitith? >> yes. ♪ >> thousands of f mis s aw, ckson's behavior as a a thther was ababoutotoome under serious scrutiny. a w w wes later i went to meetet him in berlin.n. and d ju a as was arriving, this hahappeded. mimichl l ckson had just dangled his new babyby o o othe window of a b blilin tel. hihis nsns oside were going crcraz wh i i g up to his room, i wasas worried. there wawaa a mac quality about him that i iadad ner seen beforere. and he w wasovovinthe attention of thehe seaeang fans outside
11:41 pm
e e tel. atat ds that say? i veveou with all of my hearart, michael jackckn.n. that's thehe helelillow? > y >> what were t thesisingg eaier? > " t theress, michael is the best. >> what werere ty y sang? >> "f" [ b ble ] ]he press, michchl,l, y're the best. i'i'm t going to say the words.. >> h he a aririve inerlin after week o oapappeances in a los geges courtroom. dia coverage of the court t ca
11:42 pm
sasa h hisace was disintegrating. >> goingng tbebe tight fit. > wn'n'that silly? i made the w wor f fe. w whado you think of berlin? i love berlin. >> witith ckckn heading back to the hotel, a storm was brerewi about the blanket inindedent. e next morning, he was keeeen show m me w w cared for his chdrdr. >> l lovyou. > he he is. >> here'e's e e ttle. wait, wait. here's's t b btle. > is s ok. jujustake this off -- >> please don'n'tatakehe blanket. >> okay. here we e go abu, abu! drink ththis drinink isis blanket, blanknk, , i ve you, blankeket. yes, yeses, s,s, iove you. i love my children verery chch yeyes.
11:43 pm
> ds s like his food? >> yes. >> have e u u be hearing about whwhateoeoplhave been saying? >> it's totally ignorant.. i would never r dohahat my children or r anyoyochild, try to kill them. co o on,tupid.child, try toill them. meme o stupid. why woululi i pua scarf over the baby's face if i w w t tryg to throw hihim f f e balcony? we were wavivingo o ousands of nsns dn below. ananththeyere chanting they wantntedo o semy child, so i was kind enough to letet tm m e. i i wadoing something. d i'm innocent. >> he's hungry, , n'n't ? >> he loves the milk. itits s go. thank you. >> jackson's behavaviowawas giginng to alarm me. lalar that day, he took prprin and d pas berlin's zoo. it was supposed to be e fafami outing, but the prpreswewereut
11:44 pm
in force.. somebody had h helulullyipped them o o.. mimichl l wahere to see the rillas, but he seemed completelylyblblivus to the fact th the trip had descended ininto total chchao >> i've got princece. i' got prince. concerned for ththe fefetyf the chchdren, i was caught witith em in theheididdlof a paparazzi scscru >> i got pririnc i got prince. ititasas nkind of trip for two yoyog children, and everybybod cocoulsesee but jackson himself. was hard to believe j jaconon
11:45 pm
waththe me man i had met in nerland. the firsrst popounity to talk about his bizazarrbebehaor was later ththatveveni at a charity auioion. wodn't it be easier for r e e bodydyarardsnd for your nanny ju to take the children to t the zoo o onheheirwn, rather than hahaveo o through what they went throughgh tayay? >> no, because i canan'takake at chance no. i wowod d raer it be my fault if mething happens. really? >> yes. >> so you wouldn't allow t theto go w wityoyourody guards unless yoyou rereith them? >here was security. there e waa a lo-- i don't want say the words, but it wouould be a hard one,e, le e rely walking the line, , ve d delate. >> you hadad t tou week this wewe, , han't you? becacausththmedia have been accusing yououf f beg irirsponsible with your childrdr. t theedia's wrong. i i lo my children. i'm holding my son t tig a and ststro. why would d i roroa baby over a balclcy?y? that's the dumbestst, upupidt story i ever heard.
11:46 pm
i lolovey y chdren, and they know i love ththem and two minunutebebere that, ththeyawaw t baby, prince did the same thing. >> i saw t tha i have done it, you k kno b but i got some strong g ar. . >> were you u ju o ovexcited? >> no, they were chanting g th wanted see the baby,y,o o i nted to show them thehe by.y. i'm not goinintoto l them fall. >> but you didn't t relyly sw them theheababy. because the babyby w c cered. >> they got t f feethe spirit. od enough. and he was respopondg.g. he started siningi.. >>hehe csummate performer since childhood, jacksonon w enentilylynfazed by the day. t thehow went on. every sundnday, lasaa at mom's was s a familyradition.
11:47 pm
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some peopl may experience faintntg. so people may have us, vomiting, diarrhea, bruisingng, or not sleep well.l. someme peoplmay have musclele cramps. oross of appetite may feel tired. in studies, ththe were usually mild and tporary. mom. talk tyoyooctor abouout aricept. don't wa. alzhzheimer's n't waiting.
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early in t theewew yr, jajackn agreed to what wouldlde our final meeting. th t timin miami, florida. ththerwewe unanswered questions, lots of themem. areas of his life about t whh h ltlt hhad been less than host. his face, his s ninialabout
11:50 pm
plastic c rgrger his reretitionip with blanket's ththerand, of course, the blbl momoth, and, of couue,e, the neneveand sleepovers. nfronting him wouldn't b b sy, but now itas to happppen.. as w wprpreped for the interview, the atmosphere was unususlllly nse. ththis t ti jasosohad flown hiss o own lighting eert. ybybe ere was a reason fo that. beuse surgery wasooe the cucus me of dififfiltlt questions. en wwere t talngng some timee agou talked a autut h when yowewe through adolescence y you had d a terrible tie. >> yeah. >> and, i in fact, i h had t to atatomomeicicres of you during at period. and you didhahave a lot otot
11:51 pm
> eaea yeah. >>nenef the things thatouou clearly used to overcomome ts is changing yoyo apappeanance you've kind ofof you know, you physicical changed, haven't'tyo? th photographs ofof you, if i i lolookt t em -- >> it's called adolescsccece a growing g anddchanging. yeah, but e ev the shahapeofof yoyouracace s chnged. no. has not. had no plastic surgery y m my face, juust my nonoe.e. it helpedd me breathee btetero i n hit higher tes. > butrere you obviously sayi thatat y'v'v only er had one operation? >> two.. >> you've had two. as i can member, yeah,h, just two.o. >> if i l loo at some ofthe phogogras of younn your adolescence. yeah, i changed. people chchae.e. b butven after when y did the "thriller"r" bum, your l lp are very different nowhan what they were e th.. bubut ey do look different. sorry. >>ou don't think so? >> nope. >> but on a serious inin in
11:52 pm
some waysi i ca understand it because -- >> i'm hpypywith my look. >>orgethehe lips. >> everybody in hohollooood get plastic surgery. plastic s sgegerywasn't ininent r michael jason. > i n n s sugsting that.t. but whatat i'm'm sayinin isomets people goo too far. sotimes if they g g lot of money and they havee a oprtunity, sometimes they can think i'llo thingsgs, especially given your childldho.. i mnwnwhi we talked, i've come -- i've beguno unrstand how difficult thahat wawafofor you. how uunhpy you weeas ahihild as an adescent, how unhappy you were about your apappeanance yoyou ldlde in neverland that your fatathe used to insult yoy. you tolol in l l vegas your father used talklkbobo your nose. > yh. >> so i c can uerstand why you wanted to changege yr pearance. it m mak sense. i wouldn't want -- >> just that, though,,otot the wholole ffe.
11:53 pm
eyey t to sayay why dodoes kep changingng-- it's nottrue. st the nose. >>ven though the s spepef the ceis different?? >> ichanged.d. >> h howo o yochange? >> i'm a l litee kid. > no, i i'm talking ababou pictures of yoyo en youwewere . >> i'm still - - i w w changing. i'i'm changigi.. i'm telling youou the h hnenest truth.h. i don't do anyingo my face. >> honestly? >> honestly. >> we broke off but not for long. next p, my worries about the children. >> sry. >> whehen i i was lking to prin one y, h he said to mehat he didn't havav mothther >> he sasa didn't hahave moer? >> i idid, princece, werer is r mommy? he s said dodot have amother. >> she di it for me she did i i forr me. so just so i undnderanand is
11:54 pm
correctly -- >> she's awowondful person.n. >> she knew thahat michael j jkn loves children.. >> yeah. >> and she k kneww that michael jackson wantedchildrere >> t that' w. you need to be adaddy. >> right. she said you needed to o be a daddy? >> uh-h-huh. >> more e th s she needed t t b ther? >> y yea she wted to d that for me as a esent. >s a present? >> yeah. yeahah. >> what do you men? >> a a giftft. i had tooalk around holding baby dolls. >> really? > yeah. wanted childrdren s badly. > what you just sasa ishahat yoyourifeavav you two chilildr as prentnt because sh knew yoyo wanted to o be a faer. >>yeyeh. anand 's aovovel gestuture. >> anan ncredible gegesre. >> arere surrogateteothers w d that every d d.. that happens evevery d i ithe world. > isththat how blanket was r asas wl?l? >> i usused a s suogate mother d my ownspsperlls.
11:55 pm
they're all my children.. but i us a surrogatetemothehe and she doesn't't kno me. i don't know erer. and d th's's h he was born. >> how dididouou sect the mothther >> it didn't matatr r tome. long as she wa althy. d didou care --- >> i didn't carar w wh rara.. asas lonas she's healthth and doesn't have -- y y know, he vision iss odod and herer inllect. i wawa a a, you know, i wanttot knowowowow inllllent she i >> wouou you have h -- would you have conceived child with a black womanan? > of course. of course. >> but i've seenen bnket. i ink safe to sa his motherr isprprobly white. >> nono, y'r'r wrg.g. >> i'm wrong? >>yes. >> really? >> es. >> sooblanket's mototrr blac >> yes.s. >> butlanket is so gght black people werecacall colored people bececauseee come a all cocorsrsfrfrom very whit asas whi a a my nnd, very dark as the darkkss yourshirt.
11:56 pm
my fatatrr has - -- ey see parentsnd they think th could be my fatheher' geneses >> really? >> of coursese. >> soohhen doououthink you'll have your n nex chchil >> w wh i culd have itday. >> really? >> i'm thinking ouout adopting twtw ds fromeaeach continentnt oundhehe world.. >> rereal? >> yes. boboy orgirl. >> every continent? >> on every conntine.. that's mymy dream. >> when you talk aut children, wh do you thinkpeople would say if i s sai well i'vee invit soso o of my daughters' ' frnds around orr son'ss f fends arndnd a they're going to slslp in the bed withh me toninight. >> that's finene. >> what do yoyo think their parents would ssay?? >>f they're whwhky, they w wou say you can't. but if you're closos fammy,y,lie yoururfamily,ou knowhehem well d -- >> butmichaelel, wouldn't l lke myhildren to sleep in anybody
11:57 pm
else's beded >> wellll, i woodndn'tind if i knew the person wellanand i -- i'm very close to barry gibbs. paris and princnce stay w wthth any time. mymy cldren sleepith other pele all the titie.e. >> and y you'r happy wh that? >> fine with it theyey'rhonest,t,hehey' sweet people. ey're not jack the ripr.r. >> i susuppee t probobm m fo manyeoeoe ishahat happened i i 1993 orhhat didn't happen. >> w wha didn't happen. >usustast youriind back. what was t tha like w wn n you firstt hrdrd t allegation that's were beieing mdede again you? >> ittasas hohoing. ani'i'm t allowed t toalk out this by wayff lalaw. > b h how did you f fll abou at was being said? m m noasking you to talk aboutut what was said. >> was shhockedd becausus g owowin my heart how muchch dor children. >>ut isn'trecisely the problem. when you invite ildren into ur bed, you never know wt't's going to happen. >> wheyoyosay bed, you're
11:58 pm
thking sexual. ththeyake that sexualal:iss not sexualal. we're going to sepep. i i ckck tm in. weput -- i i put musicic nd ttle story titi.. i readad a bobook and very swt. weututhe fepeplaon, ve them h hot milk. we have cookieses. it's very chrmrmg. ve sweet. >> sure. >> thehe wle world shhldld o. >> the reasonhahat' being given for why you d didt goo to jail was becauause you reeacdd a financial settltlenent th the famimily >> i w we through a long draraw out t ining on tv likike oj a a that stidid ststuf d it wouldn't lkk rigight i said gethhis ovoverwi.. i want too on wii my lie.e. this is ririiciculs. i've hadd enough.. go. >> my questions upset hihim deeply. >> ty'y' not with thheirr fafaths anymore or their mothers. theaami bond has beenoken. ere's an outc for attenenonon why kidsds areoing toto sool
11:59 pm
wiguns. th want love. thth want to be trusted. they want to be e heldututhey're busyffff in their day job and they leave themm h hme on theh cocomper and they just doing all kinds of crazy stutuff and that's d desoying our rld. weeeee to bobo agai ththat v verimportant, martin. >> why does ean so much to yo i i'm just very sensitive to pain. i'm very snsitive to t t family -- t humancondition, you know, on that subject. it means a lot t me.. i wanttoto dowhwhater i i can t help that,t, youuknow? it's, like i sid before and i'll say itit a m milon time,e, t afraid t say itt there were no childrenn this eartrth ifif, meone nonound all kids are adad, i woulul jump offffhe babaonon iiediately. i'm done.e. m done.


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